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Exciting opportunities using e-paper displays for conference delegate badges

Thursday, May 31, 2018
By Scott Soong, CEO, Pervasive Displays ( It’s a familiar ritual when you arrive at a conference: go to the registration desk, tell them who you are and pick up a lanyard with your name badge on it. This card then displays a few key pieces of static information for the duration of the event – usually your name, job title, who you work for, and the event sponsors. It’s an approach that has worked for decades, and while it’s effective, new technology means we can now take these name badges to another level. Digital name tags Rather than having a printed piece of card, imagine a digital name tag, capable of displaying richer, more varied or even context-sensitive information. Or one that was able to provide valuable insights for the event organisers. At the heart of a digital name badge there will necessarily be some kind of display. The badge will also need to be battery-powered. An ..