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E-paper: the power to revolutionise vehicle production lines

Friday, March 09, 2018
E-paper: the power to revolutionise vehicle production lines Pairing an e-paper display with location sensors and low-power wireless technology enables the creation of in-vehicle displays for use on production lines By HD Lee, CTO, Pervasive Displays ( Production lines revolutionised manufacturing, enabling factories to turn out high volumes of identical products quickly and economically. But as consumers’ desire for customisation has grown, so has the complexity around production lines. Those working in or overseeing manufacturing facilities now need to cater for numerous subtle differences between items as they come through. And while much of the work is automated, humans still play an important role, including in car manufacturing. For quality assurance purposes, it’s crucial that production line workers have easily accessible instructions available for each vehicle as it passes through their  ..

5 ways e-paper displays are simplifying our lives

Friday, August 05, 2016
Millions of people love using Amazon Kindle e-readers because of the way the e-paper display looks like normal paper. There is no flickering or radiated light from the screen and no irritating glare - even in bright sunlight. E-paper doesn’t require any backlighting for daytime viewing and therefore consumes far less energy than power-hungry LEDs, LCDs and plasmas. E-paper screens will not turn dark when the power supply is cut off or if the battery runs out. It continues to hold the last image on the display until an electric charge rearranges the electronic ink particles in another pattern. This makes e-paper a great energy-saving alternative to smartphone and tablet displays and, together with low power wireless communication protocols such as Bluetooth and near field communications (NFC), product designers can let their imaginations go wild with the potential applications available. Here are 5 applications showcasing just how versatile e-paper is: E-paper makes ..