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Shuttle Discovery Program

What is shuttle discovery program?
- Bespoke E Paper Display Prototype Service

What is it?
- A way to make low volume custom display prototypes

What is it for?
- Build a real working demonstrators
  • to fundraise
  • for fun
  • to get better feedback
  • - Perform form / function trade-off study for your design
    - Evaluate design concepts without tooling commitments
    - Accelerate product development
    - Reduce project risk cost effectively

    How does it works?
    1. Contact PDI by "Contact me" form on the right
    2. PDI approves your Display Design
    3. Wait for the display shuttle to launch
    4. Get your working displays

    What is the cost of the design service?
    - A quote can be provided based on the size and aspect ratio of your prototype

    What about driving electronics?
    - Driving electronics and customized firmware is part of the prototype service

    What is the interface for the prototype?
    - Connects with 40 pins FPC and communicates via SPI interface

    Can I define a FPC for the Prototype? - A standard FPC is provided . Customer FPC can be supported depending on requirement

    What are the order volume constraints for the prototype?
    - A minimum of 1 and maximum of 400 pieces

    How much does the prototype cost?
    - A quote can be provided based on the required volume

    Are there DPI constraints?
    - We can prototype upwards of 300 dpi but can discuss with you to arrive at an optimal specification given your application

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