ECO-Sign Development Kit

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Pervasive Displays ECO-Sign Device provides ultra-low power consumption and RF wireless capability to update content dynamically running on a rechargeable battery. It consists of the 7.4" or 10.2" e-Paper display, ZigBee gateways, demonstration software and API. The ZigBee network is self-organizing and can easily be extended to cover a larger area by adding repeaters. It is also possible to use multiple coordinators and create different networks.

ECO-Sign 7.4 inch / 10.2 inch / Coordinator / Router

The ease of installation and the rechargeable battery of this paper-like display makes Pervasive Displays’ ECO-Sign a perfect solution for office automation, e-Signage/e-POP and other applications where low power and wireless updates are paramount.

 Certificates: FCC telefication CE NCC RoHS

Model name:
  • 7.4" Device: SW074AZ1D2
  • 10.2" Device: SZ102AZ1D2
  • Coordinator: S0000AZ0C3
  • Router: S0000AZ0R3


  • Hardware
  1. Sunlight readable and almost 180-degree viewing angle
  2. No thermal concerns or noisy fans
  3. Easy to install
  4. No OS, which is impervious to hackers & viruses
  5. Over one year battery lifetime without recharging
  6. Standard VESA 100x100mm mounting bracket and table stand which can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation
  7. Support area color to print on panel for various application
  • Transmission
    1. Ultra-low power digital radios based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard – ZigBee 2.4GHz, in most jurisdictions worldwide
    2. Private area network and secure protocol
    3. Encrypted packet security with 128 bits AES
    4. Compressed packet over air to reduce transmission duration
    5. Support configurable 16 channels
    6. Support Star and Mesh topology
    7. DHCP addressable bridge Transmitter (ZigBee Coordinator) has RJ45 port which is IP addressable gateway converting data from Ethernet to ZigBee wireless
    8. ZigBee Router acts as repeaters to enhance signal strength and transmission distance for extending coverage
    9. Each Coordinator/Router covers a large area around 10,000 sq. feet or 1000 sq. meters
  • Software
    1. Update and control devices from central system(Freeware)
    2. Windows Service model
    3. Provides Coordinator, Device, Target, Template, Schedule, Information, Warning and several management consoles
    4. Support for image, text, database, barcode, QR-Code and several objects in powerful template design tool to design layouts
    5. Integrate Text, QR-Code, barcode and image objects be generated by database
    6. Customized schedules for recurring or unconventional timing to update remote ECO-Signs.
    7. Support Multi-Color (beacon) template


ECO-Sign network model


ECO-Sign Signage
(Area Color)
ECO-Sign Meeting Room / Conference Room
Meeting Room
ECO-Sign Kanban
Production Line
ECO-Sign instruction 10.2 inchECO-Sign instruction 7.4 inch

Download Documents and Codes

Revision Title Type Size Date
Flyer -
ECO-Sign Flyer ECO-Sign Flyer 664KB 12-Oct-2011
Specification -
ECO-Sign Technical Specs ECO-Sign Technical Specs 1520KB 20-Oct-2011
User Manual 2.0
ECO-Sign User Manual ECO-Sign User Manual 3078KB 25-Dec-2012
Demo Software
ECO-Sign Software ECO-Sign Software 2811KB 25-Dec-2012
Firmware Updater 03
ECO-Sign firmware updater ECO-Sign firmware updater 2159KB 01-Feb-2012
Maintenance Tool -
ECO-Sign Maintainence Tool ECO-Sign Maintainence Tool 2881KB 08-Apr-2012
Use Case -
Sample use case with Access database Sample use case with Access database 345KB 10-Jun-2012
API Reference 2.0
ECO-Sign API v2.0 ECO-Sign API v2.0 1816KB 13-Jun-2012