EPD Xplained Pro

EPD Xplained Pro is an extension board to the Atmel® Xplained Pro evaluation platform. It connects to any Xplained Pro standard extension header on any Atmel Xplained Pro Evaluation Kits. The default supported evaluation kits are SAM4L Xplained Pro and SAM D20 Xplained Pro.

There is on board 40 pins FPC connector connects to our E Ink based EPD panels. The driving circuit supports driving 1.44 inch, 2 inch and 2.7 inch EPD panels via SPI interface. The sample Atmel Studio ASF project provides open source driving waveform and command interface to update content on EPD panel for developer to start working with EPD application easily.

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EPD Xplained Pro

Model name:
S0000AS0T4 (Aurora Ma) buy
S0000AS0T2 (Vizplex) buy


  • Supports driving 1.44", 2" and 2.7" EPD Panels including V110 and V230 FPL (Front Plane Laminate)
  • On board 8M bits serial flash memory and temperature sensor
  • On board LDO voltage regulator to 3V for EPD operation
  • Open documentation, driving waveform for EPD panel
  • Provides Atmel Studio - Atmel Software Framework (ASF) project source code
  • Xplained Pro hardware identification system

Combine with SAM D20 Xplained Pro

Atmel SAMD20 with Xplained Pro and 2inch EPD

2.7 inch ePaper display    2 inch ePaper display 1.44 inch ePaper display
Q'ty 1: 2.7” EPD Q'ty 1: 2” EPD Q'ty 1: 1.44” EPD
EPD Xplained Pro extension board Note: The SAM4L Xplained Pro or SAM D20 Xplained Pro kit is required for use with this EPD Xplained Pro extension board and is sold separately through Atmel and other distributors.
Q'ty 1: EPD Xplained Pro extension board

Download Documents and Codes

Revision Title Type Size Date
User guide 02
EPD Xplained Pro User Guide EPD Xplained Pro User Guide 955KB 28-Jan-2014
Design files --
EPD Xplained Pro V01C-Sch_Gerber_BOM EPD Xplained Pro V01C-Sch_Gerber_BOM 444KB 26-Dec-2013
Atmel Studio
Project code
1.11 EPD Xplained Pro_Source for SAM4L_SAMD20_v1.11 (Atmel Studio v6.1) EPD Xplained Pro_Source for SAM4L_SAMD20_v1.1.0 4.24MB 10-Mar-2014