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MpicoSys 4.41" Solutions

MpicoSys 4.41 inch Solutions

Model Name ST044AS182 (Aurora Ma)
Model Name S1441CS121 (Aurora Mb)

Note: The kit includes one 4.41 inch display and one Tcon board (TCM).

Mpico Timing Controller solution is a timing controller for the 4.41" EPDs. It provides functions, command sets and a physical interface. This solution allows a quick and easy integration with your host system, minimizing the cost and time-to-market.

Development kit Doc. & Tool

TCS-P_DevelopersGuide_rF for MpicoSys TC/TCM TCS-P_DevelopersGuide_rF for MpicoSys TC/TCM 924KB
TCS2-P_DevelopersGuide_rB for MpicoSys TC/TCM Gen2 TCS2-P_DevelopersGuide_rB for MpicoSys TC/TCM Gen2 483KB

TCS2-P_ErrataSheet_rA TCS2-P_ErrataSheet_rA 140KB
USB2TCM_v1.1_UsersGuide_rA USB2TCM_v1.1_UsersGuide_rA 1150KB
Convert_P441.jar (JAVA util to create .epd files) Convert_P441.jar (JAVA util to create .epd files) 29KB

MpicoSys USB2TCM Interface

MpicoSys USB2TCM Interface
Model Name   S0000AU0T2

The USB2TCM is an easy to use USB Mass Storage device which allows uploading images from PC to TCM module directly. This board can be used with the 4.41", 7.4" and 10.2" MpicoSys TCMs.

Note: The MpicoSys 4.41" TCM only works with S0000AU0T2 USB2TCM board.