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TWR-EPD e-Paper Display Module


Model Name S1000CS021 (Aurora Mb)


Q'ty 1: 1.44” EPD

Q'ty 1: 2” EPD

Q'ty 1: 2.7” EPD
TWR-EPD board
Q'ty 1: TWR-EPD board
TWR-ELEV board
Q'ty 1: TWR-ELEV

Note: The TWR-KL25Z48M Kinetis MCU module is required for use with the TWR-EPD module and is sold separately through NXP and other distributors.

TWR-EPD is an e-paper display module that is designed to add e-paper functionality to embedded designs using the NXP Tower System, a modular development platform that enables rapid prototyping and tool re-use through reconfigurable hardware. The TWR-EPD module is designed for use with the TWR-KL25Z48M Kinetis MCU module from NXP.

An onboard 40 pin FPC connector attaches to our E Ink based EPD panels. The onboard circuit supports driving our 1.44 inch, 2 inch and 2.7 inch EPD panels via SPI interface. The sample CodeWarrior™ project provides source driving waveforms with command interface to update content on EPD panel for developer to start working with EPD application easily.

Visit this TWR-EPD on NXP Tower System official website (under Peripheral Modules>Graphics/Display)

Tower EPD (TWR-EPD) Display Module


  • Supports driving 1.44", 2" and 2.7" EPD Panels including Aurora_Ma and Aurora_Mb FPL (Front Plane Laminate)
  • On board 8M bits serial flash memory and temperature sensor
  • Open documentation, driving waveform for EPD panel
  • Provides CodeWarrior project source code with Processor Expert

Documents and Codes

User guide
TWR-EPD_User Guide TWR-EPD_User Guide 567KB
Design files
TWR-EPD-03_BOM_Schematic_Gerber TWR-EPD-03_BOM_Schematic_Gerber 1197KB
Project code TWR-EPD-03_for_TWR-KL25Z48M_v2.00