TI CC430 RF AdapTag Kit

Texas Instruments and Pervasive Displays have joined forces to bring you the easiest way to start your own wireless e-Paper network! e-Paper is rapidly replacing traditional print paper labels and signage in businesses across the globe. With low power consumption and the ability to easily update and make changes, e-Paper is an eco-friendly way to reduce operating costs and improve production and logistic processes in industrial environments. The AdapTag development kit provides a simple, working reference design for hardware and software development on sub 1 GHz at 433MHz applications, based on the Texas Instruments CC430 RF MCU with ultra-low power active matrix electronic paper displays (EPDs) from Pervasive Displays Inc (PDi). The AdapTag board with PDi’s EPD is able to operate as host or slave, and contains Advanced Low Power Star (ALPS) protocol stack, programmable firmware code and open source software that can be tailored towards many different EPD applications.

TI CC430 RF AdapTag Kit

Model name:
(Aurora Mb)


  • Starter kit to quick design RF product with active matrix e-Paper display(EPD)
  • Reduced development time and shortened time to market
  • Complete low power protocol reduces the RF communication design cycle
  • Open reference circuits, tool source code and design documents
  • Ultra low power consumption through configurable output power, flexible frame cycle and time slot of protocol


  • Electronic shelf label
  • Reusable transit item
  • Pick-to-light

System Block Diagram

AdapTag system block diagram


  • Supports 2”, 1.44” and 2.7” EPDs
  • MCU I/O and debug pins are leaded out on the board for extra needs and programming.
  • Power source supports from Spy-Bi-Wire (USB) or CR2450 battery
  • Two LEDs and one button fitted on board to facilitate status monitoring, debugging and functional needs
  • Supports updating image data by USB locally or via RF wireless
  • Supports MSP-FET430UIF via FET pins or other third party's device via Spy-Bi-Wire interface for programming and debugging

AdapTag device board   There are 2 models:
TI EZ430 USB Dongle PL-2303HX USB Dongle
EZ430 PL-2303HX
Driver: Windows XP&7, Windows 8
Q'ty 4: AdapTag Boards Q'ty 1: USB Dongle

2.7 inch ePaper display

2 inch ePaper display

1.44 inch ePaper display
CR2450 battery
Q'ty 1: 2.7” EPD Q'ty 1: 2” EPD Q'ty 1: 1.44” EPD Q'ty 3: CR2450 Lithium Battery

Terms & Conditions

  AdapTag Development Kit Product Terms & Conditions

Download Documents and Codes

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Doc.No. Revision Title Type Size Date
Flyer -- --
AdapTag Flyer AdapTag Flyer 2908KB 04-Nov-2013
Quick start -- --
AdapTag Quick Start Guide AdapTag Quick Start Guide 444KB 04-Nov-2013
User manual 8P002-00 02
AdapTag User Manual AdapTag User Manual 1600KB 21-Aug-2013
COG driving 8P003-00 01
AdapTag COG Driver Programming Guide AdapTag COG Driver Programming Guide 1689KB 17-Dec-2012
Development guide 8P004-00 01
AdapTag System Development Guide AdapTag System Development Guide 1228KB 17-Dec-2012
Power budget -- -- 
AdapTag Slave - Power budget AdapTag Slave - Power budget 51KB 07-Mar-2013
Installer -- 1.02 AdapTag Manager v1.02 installer AdapTag Manager v1.02 installer 3474KB 15-Apr-2014
Tool source code
(Visual Studio)
-- 1.02 AdapTag Manager v1.02 source code AdapTag Manager v1.02 source code 750KB 15-Apr-2014
Firmware code
(TI CCStudio V5)
-- 1.02 AdapTag Host/Slave v1.02 Firmware source code AdapTag Host/Slave v1.02 Firmware source code 2980KB 15-Apr-2014
Schematic & Gerber -- 1.0
AdapTag Manager v1.0 Schematic/Gerber/BOM AdapTag Manager v1.0 Schematic/Gerber/BOM 335KB 18-Dec-2012
Webinar video -- --
AdapTag Webinar Video Recording Dec 2012 AdapTag Webinar Video Recording Dec 2012 66472KB 12-Dec-2012
Webinar slides -- --
AdapTag Webinar Slides Dec 2012 AdapTag Webinar Slides Dec 2012 70022KB 12-Dec-2012