• We guarantee that all products are free from the defects in both materials and workmanship that caused by us for 12 months which commencing from the date of goods been shipped out from our warehouse (we refer to shipping date is the invoice date).
  • We don’t only provide 12 months of basic warranty period but also the extra 1 month warranty period for customer to cover the transportation time and any additional situation. In other words, we provide customer total 13 months of warranty period for all our products.
  • The barcode number of product refers to our system for warranty management. In case barcode label is lost or damaged by customer, we will treat it as an out of warranty product.

Standard Service

  • DOA (Dead On Arrival)
    • The Product that is over Product Specification or Incoming Inspection Standard (IIS) of product
    • Reject by customer’s IQC (Incoming Quality Control) inspection base on IIS of product to notify us within 10 working days
    • After 10 working days, the products will be deemed to be accepted by Customer, and then we will accept RMA request only
  • RMA (Return Material Authorization)
    • 13 months of warranty period which commencing from the date of goods been shipped out from us
    • For out of warranty products which have been charged and repaired by us
    • The warranty will continuous from the date of goods been returned by us
    • NG product will be free repaired or replaced if the defect is caused by us
    • NG product will be charged if they are out of warranty period and Customer would like to repair it
    • Send request to us if you need to run RMA to understand the process with us. Here you can download the 2Q016-F02_05_RMA_Request_Form with the product information and return to us.
    • If we find the following items, the NG product will be treated as Customer’s duty to be charged even it’s in warranty period:
      • Product has been disassembled by Customer
      • Removed any parts of EPD (E-Paper Display) product
      • The barcode label is missed
      • Damaged caused by obvious force or misuse
  • Repair and replacement
    • We will repair or replace the returned product within the turn around of 30 days for each returned lot less than 50 pieces
    • Excluding the time of transportation
    • For DOA, we will bear two ways freight cost for DOA returns
    • For RMA, we and the Customer will bear one-way freight cost for the goods


  • In order to keep the performance of EPD, please store EPD in controlled environment. The conditions are :
    • For monochrome series: Temperature range is 15ºC to 35ºC, and humidity range is 40%RH to 60%RH.
    • For 3-colors series: Temperature range is 15ºC to 35ºC, and humidity range is 45%RH to 65%RH.
  • Please check product specification before using
  • EPD is fragility, please handle it well
  • EPD is an electronic product, please protect it with ESD solution
  • Please refer to Pervasive Displays_EPD handling and ESD precaution in details

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