Creating a prototype e-paper design using PaPiRus Zero and Raspberry Pi Zero W

31 Jul 2017

The PaPiRus Zero e-paper display module (available with either a 1.44- or a 2-inch e-paper display from Pervasive Displays) has been designed to mate with the Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless, the 1 GHz single-core compact version of the popular Raspberry Pi single-board computer. Together the compact Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless and PaPiRus Zero’s combined dimensions make them ideal for IoT, wearable and ultra-low power embedded applications.

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Designing e-paper displays for IoT applications

25 Jan 2017

The needs of the IoT span a vast range of devices and operating environments. With its ultra-low power consumption and bistable display characteristics, both of which are well-suited to wireless updates, e-paper is an ideal display technology for many IoT devices and has a variety of configuration options that make it the perfect choice for your design.

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Guide to e-paper technology and its growing range of applications

27 Oct 2016

Made famous by the Amazon Kindle, e-paper is an electronic display technology which mimics the appearance of paper. As a bistable display technology, e-paper can be extremely low power, allowing it to be used in devices without the power budget of a traditional LCD display. Once the text and images of an EPD have been rendered no power is needed to maintain the display. In fact, e-paper is so low...

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