A trusted provider of low-power
e-paper solutions

Pervasive Displays designs, manufactures and markets e-paper displays that deliver high resolution, ultra-thin form factor, sunlight readability and ultra-low power consumption. The company offers unparalleled technical support and detailed documentation to help designers use e-paper technology (also called epaper or E-Ink) in Internet of Things (IoT) applications including retail, logistics, healthcare, security and manufacturing.

An innovator in e-paper technology, product and support

Pervasive Displays’ innovations in visual performance, power consumption, operating temperature, and size have driven sales growth in industrial, commercial and retail markets. It was the first e-paper supplier to release open-source driving waveforms to the public. Now, Pervasive Displays is the number one e-paper provider for industrial IoT applications in the world, with the widest ranging product line in the industry. It has shipped over 10 million e-paper displays since 2012.

Low-power e-paper applications
made easy

The company’s mature TFT, integrated circuit and e-paper platforms reduce risks and improve product value. Pervasive Displays simplifies the work of designers by providing both standard and custom displays and offering extensive technical support through an ecosystem of partners. Design resources include detailed product specifications, application notes, reference designs, source code and applications support. The company is based in Tainan City, Taiwan and has offices in The Netherlands and Oregon, USA.

Meet the team

  • Scott Soong

    Scott Soong

    Chairman & CEO

  • Alchin Wang

    Alchin Wang


  • Stanley Huang

    Stanley Huang

    Director, Technology & Project Development

  • Everest Shen

    Everest Shen

    Senior Manager, EMS Management

  • Bowin Lo

    Bowin Lo

    Senior Manager, Quality Management

  • Joyce Lin

    Joyce Lin

    Senior Manager, SCM & Logistics

  • Ann Chen

    Ann Chen

    Manager, Product Management


4F, No. 28, Chuangye Rd.,
Tainan Science Park
Tainan City (74144)
Taiwan (R.O.C.)


創業路28號4樓 74144
Phone: +886-6279-5399


238 Hall Drive,
Orinda, CA 94563
Phone: +1-510-519-0080

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