Color ePaper Technology: Newly Launched, Cost-Effective Color E Ink Display by Pervasive Displays

2 Jan 2024

Currently, the color e-paper faces high prices, middle-large sizes only, high power consumption and inconsistent color tone. Pervasive Displays has developed a solution for any size of e-paper displays, especially for small-sized color e-paper displays, named Area Color, through new techniques, offering a cost-effective solution for object state displays.


Area Color ePaper’s Small Size: A Breakthrough in Color E-ink Display

Achieving Small Sizes in Color E-ink Display is A Big Challenge

Color E-ink Display needs to supply different electrodes for different color pigments to move at targeted positions to present a different spectrum of colors. As the display size decreases, maintaining color accuracy, saving power budget and color uniformity across these layers becomes more difficult.


Innovative Color Printing Technique in Color ePaper Display Industry

Pervasive Displays has innovated in the small-sized color ePaper display segment by fixing color blocks and overlaying them on the surface of e-paper display with between black and white background to show or hide the fixed color area.
This approach achieves the effect of displaying various color levels.
Color ePaper display suffers from slow refresh rates, leading to noticeable delays, particularly when displaying more than three colors.However, Area Color Display, by utilizing a background switch between black and white with Pervasive Displays’ Fast Refresh technology, can achieve rapid screen transitions. This allows for the fastest possible observation of changes in object states.


Discover the Cost-Effectiveness of Area Color Epaper

Area Color ePaper: An Affordable Revolution in the Typically Expensive Color ePaper Market

Area Color ePaper achieves color display through the use of switching black and white pixels.
Fundamentally, Area Color ePaper remains a black-and-white ePaper, which makes it more cost-effective compared to new colored ePaper displays.

Area Colo ePaper: The Ideal Companion for Displaying Various Color Levels in Color ePaper

If your industry requires ePaper displays for colorful content, especially for depicting different object states with distinct colors at fixed area on screen – for instance, three states like A, B, C, with A in red, B in yellow, C in blue – the need for fixed color displays is perfectly met by Area Color.
This cost-effective, small-sized color ePaper display is exceptionally suited for such specific requirements.

Pervasive Display, A Reliable Custom E-ink Display Manufacturer and Design House

Pervasive Displays offers a variety of electronic paper products, suitable for a wide range of smart office and factory applications. The Area Color solution applies to the full range of Pervasive Displays lineup from 1 to over ten inches.Pervasive Displays provides custom e-ink display solutions, adapting to the size and color specifications of customers to suit their unique requirements.
We are dedicated to enhancing our clients’ automation capabilities and boosting production efficiency through both customized and standardized ePaper displays.