Chilin Technology Announces Formation of Pervasive Displays, Inc.

1 May 2011

New subsidiary will design, manufacture and market e-paper modules for commercial and industrial customers and applications

Tainan, Taiwan – Chi Lin Technology today announced the formation of a new subsidiary, Pervasive Displays Inc., for the design and manufacturer of e-paper modules to be used in commercial and industrial display applications. Pervasive Displays Inc. (PDI) will develop low-power small-to-medium-sized display components for applications as diverse as logistics, price tags, medical devices, automation, smart labels, and energy control panels. According to market research firm DisplaySearch, the e-paper market is expected to reach $9B by 2018.

Pervasive Displays has been established by Chi Lin Technology Co., Ltd., a global leader in flat panel displays manufacturing, to commercialize and develop the market for industrial displays based on E Ink Corporation’s e-paper technology. PDI’s over-arching goal is to pioneer and commercialize the broadest range of low-power displays using E Ink’s market leading e-paper imaging film.

“With the creation of Pervasive Displays, Chi Lin Technology is clearly demonstrating their confidence in and commitment to the future of e-paper display technology for industrial markets.” said Y.G. Hsu, President of Chi Lin Technology. “PDI’s e-paper modules will enable low-power, sunlight readable, lightweight displays which will have significant impact on a wide range of industries.”

Initial target markets for the business include logistics, retail price tags, and industrial automation where dynamically controlled paper-like displays replace wasteful and inefficient paper signs. The daylight readability and especially low-power qualities of e-paper open a wealth of niche markets. PDI’s drive to the lowest power solution fits well with the requirements of uses cases like electronic shelf labels. “Retail is one of our largest potential markets,” agreed Business Development VP Damon Hess. “By offering a range of display sizes, driver electronics, and supporting network hardware, we can provide retailers with modules to control their product pricing in real time.”

About Pervasive Displays Inc.

PDI designs, develops and delivers a broad range of e-paper technology display modules to commercial/industrial solutions developers and OEM manufacturing customers worldwide. Based in Tainan, Taiwan, PDI is one of the world’s leading providers of E-Ink embedded e-paper display technology for industrial applications. For more information, visit

About Chilin Technology

Chilin Technology, founded in 1964 as part of the Chi-Mei Group, is a leading OEM/ODM design, engineering and manufacturing company specializing in backlighting technology, material sciences and advanced display systems. Based in Tainan, Taiwan, Chilin Technology delivers display innovation and value as one of the world’s most vertically integrated manufacturers of flat panel displays. More Chilin Technology information can be found at

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