Application for improving the efficiency of epaper smart factory and inventory management : SmartBin

17 May 2023

SmartBin is a technology that combines electronic scales and electronic paper labels into electronic paper smart scales. In recent years, enterprises have been striving towards developing smart logistics and smart warehousing as their main objectives. By implementing epaper industrial automations, the production rate and efficiency of manufacturing can be significantly improved. Furthermore, the use of electronic paper display enables the e-paper display industry to keep pace with the latest trends in development. SmartBin can also facilitate real-time information integration by integrating the status of various departments in the epaper warehouse. In the following analysis, we will examine how epaper technology enhances the efficiency of smart logistics and smart warehousing through the use of SmartBin.

What is SmartBin – boost in the efficiency of epaper smart logistics

SmartBin is an innovative technology that combines electronic scales and electronic paper labels into electronic paper smart scales, with the aim of improving the efficiency of smart logistics and epaper smart factory through real-time information integration and epaper industrial automation

What is SmartBin ?

  • Smart Scale:To utilize the smart scale, one must first set the unit weight of the items stored in the box and determine the range of trigger values of each weight. The scale then weighs the items and calculates an estimated quantity based on the set unit weight. Various operations, including automatic notifications for replenishment, order and system alert, can be triggered by pre-setting several inventory benchmark values.
  • Electronic paper label with button and LED
    1. Electronic paper labels are available in either two-button or four-button versions. Users can customize the function and trigger action of each button, as well as set different scenarios for long press, short press, and continuous press. 
    2. Pairing with LEDs equipped with seven colors and adjustable flashing frequency, it can generate up to 28 unique visual lighting cues.

SmartBin characteristics

  • Easy-to-install: easy installation with various options to choose from utilizing battery power. A variety of installation kits are available, all of which are ready to use; automatic communication between devices is also facilitated. 
  • Fast update technology: fast update technology, developed and only used by Pervasive Displays, boasts an impressive screen refresh rate of 0.5 seconds.
  • Fast Radio Transmission Time: fast update technology enables radio transmission to achieve a data transmission speed of 1.875 seconds, making it one of the fastest technologies in the world that meets the actual requirements of industrial specifications.

How to optimize epaper warehouse’s logistics and warehousing management – create a fully automated epaper smart factory

Efficient logistics and warehousing management is crucial for success in modern industry. Epaper smart factory solutions offer automation for warehousing, alerts, purchase orders, and replenishment settings, optimizing logistics (with LED flashing) and warehouse management. 

Epaper industrial automation of cargo inventory display

The display presents all pertinent product details, order status, and delivery dates. Furthermore, when coupled with the shopfloor or warehousing system, distribution instructions are transmitted to the electronic paper label or shelf display. The operator then follows these directives effortlessly by utilizing the button, which enables them to reorder or replenish stock directly.

Fully automatic reordering

  • With epaper industrial automation, the system will reorder automatically when inventory levels fall below the weight threshold, reducing the risk of sales loss and saving time and effort in manual monitoring.
  • Electronic scales can detect weight changes and trigger automatic replenishment to ensure optimal inventory levels, avoiding overstocking or understocking.
  • By integrating pick-by-light and put-to-light systems with automatic reordering, businesses and epaper smart factory can achieve a more streamlined and efficient inventory management process. 

Integration with smart inventory management system

Epaper can be integrated with epaper warehouse management systems (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and supply chain management (SCM) systems to enhance their functionality. For example, epaper can be used to display real-time inventory levels, order statuses, and other important data on handheld devices used by warehouse workers. This integration allows for more efficient and accurate inventory management, order processing, and overall supply chain management. Additionally, epaper can help reduce paper usage and increase sustainability in these systems.

SmartBin’s advantages in epaper smart logistics and warehousing management

SmartBin’s epaper technology revolutionizes logistics and warehousing management with real-time inventory monitoring and optimized supply chain management. Its integration with epaper technology offers a more efficient and sustainable solution compared to traditional systems.

Cost reduction

  • Unlike traditional paper labels, epaper can be reused, reducing waste and contributing to sustainability efforts.
  • Epaper displays do not emit light and consume power only when changing the displayed information, making them highly energy-efficient. 
  • The low energy consumption of e-paper technology can result in a significant reduction in operational costs associated with labeling and signage.

Real-time data update

  • Pick-to-light technology: the use of Pick-to-light technology enables real-time data updates, allowing for efficient order processing and inventory management, ultimately saving time and labor costs. By providing visual cues to guide pickers to the correct locations within the warehouse, the system reduces errors and improves order fulfillment rates.
  • Display: with the ability to display and update product information, order status, and delivery dates in real-time, warehouse managers can monitor inventory levels and order status on screens, providing valuable insights for efficient order processing and inventory management. This allows for faster response times, more accurate order fulfillment, and improved customer satisfaction for epaper smart factories.

Effectively reducing C-Parts management costs

C-Parts, including screws, bolts, and other small components, are essential but low-value items that require significant time and manpower to manage through inventory calculations and audits. As a result, they are classified as C-Parts. According to the ABC Analysis of materials management, C-Parts account for 65-75% of procurement for most companies. That being said, efficient management of C-Parts is crucial for cost savings in factories, and using SmartBin epaper industrial automation can effectively reduce C-Parts management costs.

The revolution of epaper smart factory: Pervasive Displays Inc. customize solutions

Fast update drive technology

The development of Fast/Partial update driving technology has been instrumental in ensuring Pervasive Displays’ market leadership position of epaper technology. This  technology enables rapid updates and has been applied in electronic tags, allowing for real-time updates of information without compromising energy efficiency.


Customization has become an increasingly important aspect of the epaper market. Pervasive Displays now offers tailored solutions that meet all available size and color requirements of customers. Currently, customization is available  from 1.54” up to 12.2” and more. By offering customized solutions, Pervasive Displays can cater to the unique needs of their customers, providing them with a more personalized and tailored experience.

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