Pervasive Displays Announces Alliance with Energy Micro to Create Low Power e-Paper Solutions

27 Mar 2012

Alliance will allow for the development and creation of a wide range of electronic paper display design platforms and electronic paper solutions

Tainan, Taiwan, March 27, 2012 – Pervasive Displays Inc.® (PDi), designer and manufacturer of electronic paper modules for commercial and industrial display applications, today announced its alliance with Energy Micro, a global provider of energy friendly microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex™ processor. Combining PDi’s low power electronic paper display modules with Energy Micro’s prowess to create low power microcontrollers, this alliance enables Energy Micro solutions developers to quickly and cost-effectively develop and prototype a wide range of low energy electronic paper solutions to display dynamic content.

The first release from the alliance is the EPD SK-2 daughter board for the EFM®32 Gecko developer kit. To enable easy, fast demonstrations of electronic paper solutions, Retronix created the “EPD SK-2” for Energy Micro developers and bundled it with the EFM 32 Gecko developer kit. The 32-bit EFM 32 Gecko microcontroller family has ultra-low energy consumption, a modern and powerful ARM Cortex-M3 CPU and with a vast array of tools like real time, accurate energy and power profiling. It is the perfect development platform for an ultra-low power display where low energy consumption and showing dynamic content are critical.

“Energy Micro has a longstanding history of innovation in low power microcontrollers and PDi, which is an industry leader in low-power electronic paper, is the natural partner to help us and Energy Micro developers bring low-power, low-energy solutions to applications that demand low-power dynamic displays,” noted Andrea Marchi, Vice President of Sales for Asia-Pacific of Energy Micro.

Easy to install, the Retronix “EPD SK-2” uses PDi’s 2” low-power electronic paper display and the incredible flexibility of Energy Micro’s EFM 32 Gecko platform, making the kit ideal for demonstrating applications in various areas like electronic shelf labels in retail, warehouse and logistic applications, reusable container labels, kanban cards, factory automation, warehouse picking stalls, shop floor conveyer systems, and unlimited other digital display options.

Electronic Paper Solutions are Ideal for Improved Communication, Instant 
Updates and Ultra-low-powered Operation

The alliance between PDi and Energy Micro enables developers to quickly integrate EPDs into products and applications, creating enhanced benefits and return-on-investment potential unique to PDi’s electronic paper solutions, including:

  • Ultra-low-power consumption for a dot-matrix digital display, capable of years of operation from a coin battery or energy harvesting-based technology
  • Paper-like dot-matrix displays that offer unmatched readability and viewing angle, even in direct sunlight and high ambient light
  • Ideal for applications where low energy consumption and showing dynamic content are critical

Pervasive Displays Business Development Vice President Damon Hess noted: “Pervasive Displays is committed to providing products that enable new applications for electronic paper. Our alliance with Energy Micro provides developers with an effective demo that showcases what’s possible with our low-power, electronic paper solutions. We’re excited about this alliance and the launch of Retronix’s SK-2 with the EFM 32 Gecko developer kit.”

The Retronix “EPD SK-2” demo kit is available to order now through Retronix. Pervasive Display products and samples can be ordered through its network of worldwide distributors, found at