Pervasive Displays Announces Armor Ruggedization Options for its Electronic Paper Modules

26 Oct 2011

Proven ultra-low-power electronic paper modules now have impact and scratch-resistant options making them ideal for the most demanding applications

Yokohama, Japan: FPD International – Pervasive Displays Inc.® (PDI), designer and manufacturer of electronic paper modules for commercial and industrial display applications, today announced new ruggedization options for its electronic paper modules. These new ruggedization options, trade-named Armor™, are impact-resistant and scratch-resistant surfaces that can be added to any of PDI’s electronic paper modules. The Armor options can be applied singularly or in a combination of both options to create a display module that can withstand the most rugged and demanding environments. PDI’s Armor options are the latest enhancements to its electronic paper modules, furthering PDI’s strategic commitment to create electronic paper solutions available to commercial, retail and industrial applications.

Armor Makes Electronic Paper Solutions Viable For the Toughest Environments

Until now, glass electronic paper modules were too fragile to be used for displays in demanding environments because they shattered with impact or were easily scratched, making them difficult to read. Pervasive Displays’ Armor options provide the impact and scratch protection to electronic paper displays making it possible to use them in the most rugged applications, including reusable container labels, kanban cards, warehouse picking stalls, shop floor conveyer systems, and unlimited other wireless industrial digital display applications.

Electronic Paper Solutions are Ideal for Improved Communication, Instant Updates and Ultra-low-powered Operation.

Now, using Pervasive Displays’ revolutionary Armor options, even the most demanding environments can access the benefits and return-on-investment potential unique to PDI’s electronic paper modules, including:

  • Ultra-low-power consumption for a dot-matrix digital display, capable of years of operation on a single battery
  • Paper-like dot-matrix displays that offer unmatched readability and viewing angle, even in direct sunlight and high ambient light
  • Wireless, battery-powered electronic paper display networks capable of receiving and displaying complex, up-to-date information from a centralized remote source

Pervasive Displays Business Development Vice President Damon Hess noted: “Pervasive Displays is committed to furthering the use of electronic paper beyond the eReader and we know that the addition of ruggedization and color options will make electronic paper solutions viable for a myriad of additional industries. Pervasive Displays’ Armor options are a huge step toward advancing PDI’s mature, reliable and innovative solutions in the most demanding applications and environments.”

Only PDI offers Armor impact and scratch-resistant electronic paper options in a range of module sizes serving the unique needs of demanding and hostile environments, applications and industries. PDI’s electronic paper modules with Armor options are both affordable and rugged, enabling the proven ROI of industrial electronic paper solutions. And now PDI’s displays with Armor options offer a mature, highly-reliable component that is the centerpiece of innovative, reliable, ruggedized solutions scalable for mass quantity production for the most demanding environments.

To see a video showing how Armor glass is impact, shatter and scratch-resistant to a variety of hostile tests, please visit: Pervasive Display products and samples can be ordered through its network of worldwide distributors, found at