Pervasive Displays Announces Color Enhancement Options for Commercial Industrial E-Paper Modules

26 Oct 2011

Pervasive Displays “Beacon” color enhancement options make communicating critical information more impactful and effective

Yokohama, Japan: FPD International, October 26, 2011 – Pervasive Displays Inc.® (PDI), designer and manufacturer of electronic paper modules for commercial and industrial display applications, today announced new color options for its electronic paper modules. These new color options, trade-named Beacon™, enable area color and monocolor to be added to any of PDI’s electronic paper modules. The Beacon color options make electronic paper solutions even more like paper solutions by using color to draw attention to critical information and excel in exception management. Unlike traditional paper, electronic paper modules with Beacon color enhancements can dynamically and instantly turn information on and off, as needed, allowing for a multitude of updates anytime. PDI’s Beacon color options are the latest enhancements to its electronic paper modules, furthering PDI’s strategic commitment to create innovative electronic paper solutions for commercial, retail and industrial applications.

Beacon Area Color Enhances Communication

PDI’s Beacon option now enables electronic paper modules to provide the benefit of area color, where multiple colors can be placed in static locations on the module. The number and color options are unlimited and they allow information to not only be shown in color, which demands attention, but also for the information within the color areas to be turned on and off on demand, where the particular area color space simply turns to black when turned off. And because electronic paper content is totally dynamic, the content within the color area can change as often as is needed showing updated messages when the color is turned on.

PDI’s Beacon Monocolor Enables Dynamic Color on electronic paper Modules

Beyond area color options, PDI will be previewing the new monocolor option that it has developed with Toppan Printing. Unlike the area color option where multiple colors are enabled in static locations, monocolor enables a single color to be added to an electronic paper module and that color can be used in dynamic locations. The color location can change to emphasize different information and draw attention to important updates and exceptions. These Beacon color options make electronic paper an ideal solution in critical communication environments, such as logistics, warehouse and manufacturing – from kanban to reusable container. These information-critical environments can now access the benefits and return-on-investment potential unique to PDI’s electronic paper modules, including:

  • Ultra-low-power consumption for a dot-matrix digital display, capable of years of operation on a single battery
  • Paper-like dot-matrix displays that offer unmatched readability and viewing angle, even in direct sunlight and high ambient light
  • Wireless, battery-powered electronic paper display networks capable of receiving and displaying complex, up-to-date information from a centralized remote source

“Pervasive Displays is committed to delivering innovative electronic paper enhancements and solutions that enable revolutionary commercial industrial electronic paper display applications,” said Pervasive Displays Business Development Vice President Damon Hess. “Adding color to electronic paper is an effective advancement to this technology. Color adds the benefit of being able to quickly draw attention to specific messages, which is critical in any environment. Pervasive Displays’ Beacon color options are a cost-effective way to increase effective communication using PDI’s mature, reliable and innovative solutions.”

Pervasive Displays’ Beacon area color electronic paper modules as well as demo samples are available through its network of worldwide distributors. PDI’s monocolor option will be previewed on PDI’s ECO-Sign display in Toppan’s booth 6502, Panel Zone, at FPD Japan 2011. To connect with a PDI distributor or learn more about Beacon color options on our electronic paper modules or our ECO-Sign electronic paper display, please visit us at

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