Pervasive Displays makes EPD Pico Development Kit (EPDK) available at SparkFun Electronics

10 May 2022

Tainan City, Taiwan – 10 May 2022.  Pervasive Displays® has made its EPD Pico Development Kit (or EPDK) available to purchase directly from SparkFun® Electronics. By supplying a renowned online retailer among hobbyists and engineers, Pervasive Displays makes e-paper technology available to everyone. Customers at SparkFun can purchase the kit to get a first introduction to the e-paper displays (EPD), evaluate that technology and design their next project.

The EPDK kit is an all-in-one kit that includes an EPD Extension Kit Generation 3 expansion board (EXT3-1); a Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 as host micro-controller; an iTC 2.66” monochrome EPD; plus connection cables and two printed documents, a pins map and a quick start guide for step-by-step instructions.

The software available online includes driver code, examples and a comprehensive open-source library, with a full documentation.

The components can be used separately and adapted to specific needs and use cases. The EPD Extension Kit Generation 3 expansion board (EXT3-1) can drive any e-paper display (EPDs) with an internal timing controller from the Pervasive Displays extensive range, with diagonals from 1.54” to 12”, and monochrome or black-white-red variants. The same EXT3-1 board can be connected to other host micro-controller boards.

The EPDK kit is ideal to discover the e-paper technology, evaluate the many features and benefits it brings, and start a next project. High contrast, daylight readability, low power, make the e-paper technology a perfect choice for IoT (Internet of Things), edge computing and HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications.


Kirk Benell, CTO at SparkFun Electronics, said: “We are thrilled to bring the EPD Pico Development Kit from Pervasive Displays to the SparkFun community. The kit provides a great way to start exploring e-paper displays. It is also great to see the Raspberry Pi Pico used in this kit.”

Charming Su, SVP at Pervasive Displays, said: “By making the EPDK kit available at SparkFun, we bring the opportunity to discover the e-paper technology to a wider audience. Makers, hobbyists and students, as well as engineers, can purchase this kit to explore the benefits of E Ink technology, e-paper and reduce time-to-market product development with ultra-low power display.”



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