EPD Extension Kit Gen 2 (EXT2)

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EPD Extension Kit Generation 2 is an extension board to connect with your product to kick-start EPD applications. There are onboard headers can be bridged to any of your chosen evaluation kit or current product.


  • Support driving E ink epaper displays made by Pervasive with eTC or iTC driver IC embedded Aurora or Spectra material film from 1.44″ to 12″
  • On board driving circuit as a starter kit to easily develop EPD application with your product
  • Direct socket to stack on TI LaunchPads to get various libraries and technical supportsfrom TI
  • Open driving source code
  • Free powerful utility to test and demonstration with EPD
  • On board 8M bits Flash memory and temperature sensor
  • Provide bridging cable and header to connect with your product and any evaluation kit
  • Provide touch panel and light guide connector to support EPD integration

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Texas Instruments LaunchPads

EXT2 HAT on LaunchPad


The sample project supports TI LaunchPads:

Download Firmware code: 

Cypress PSoC® 4



The sample project supports:

Download Firmware code: 

For Cypress PSoC Creator:
EPD Extension Board GEN2.cywrk.Archive01.zip

User guide

Arduino Software IDE

The sample project supports Arduino Software IDE as follows,

Download sample code: 

PDI Apps

  • Global Update
  • Fast Update
  • Bitmap file converter

PDi Apps_01

Download Installer

PDi Apps V1.30 Installer

Purchasing Information

The EXT2 Kit is required for use with the evaluation kit and EPD which are sold separately. You have to purchase one of each item below together to work with.

  1. EXT2 kit: Purchase by the link buttons below
    • To work with 1.44″ to 7.4″, buy EXT2 Kit on Digi-Key or Mouser
    • To work with 9.7″ or 12.2″, buy EXT2 Kit with Connection board (34 pins of FFC is included) together on Digi-Key or Mouser
  2. Evaluation kit: for example
  3. Purchase one of the EPD panel on Digi-Key or Mouser