How ePaper industrial automation optimizes production efficiency of warehouse and logistics industry

18 Aug 2022

The next generation of ePaper industrial automation is a major advancement in product reliability and manufacturing capacity as it will improve the automated production line for electronic paper displays.

Through the electronically assisted picking system, also referred to as the computer aided picking system, the second-generation of logistics and warehousing management is moving towards the goal of customer-oriented development. ePaper warehouse and logistics operators will be able to enjoy productivity and efficiency of manufacturing by automating the related systems and processes. Application of the electronic paper display can allow relevant industries to keep up with the technological trend and create greater profits through combining various departments on the factory floor and integrating information on logistics labels, storage labels, and smart packaging in real time.

The following is an analytical glimpse at how the ePaper warehouse and the usage of ePaper under industry 4.0 can bring about essential changes in the world of factory automation. And furthermore we will introduce a choice for epaper machine automation.


Achievement of ePaper industrial automation and ePaper warehouse in Industry 4.0

Electronic paper is an indispensable part of the application in the computer aided picking system in Industry 4.0. The traditional picking list is replaced by the electronic label as the recipient of the back-end server picking instructions, which are then displayed on the electronic shelves. The picking staff have but to rely on this auxiliary system to help reduce tally hours and human errors for the picking operation by faithfully following the instructions on the electronic labels. ePaper industrial automation and ePaper warehouse can achieve what constitutes the real current trends of automated inventory monitoring, automated storage, and real time supply chain management, while, most importantly, improving picking efficiency.


ePaper smart factory cost reduction achieved by computer aided picking system 

One of the major advantages of the computer aided picking is the reduction in the visual search time. By eliminating unnecessary waste of manhours, the sensors pair ePaper smart factory visualization with dynamic responsivity to generate the surgical locating precision needed in the paperless production process. 

The decrease in picking error is another great game-changer. Operational flexibility and real time transparency can keep the ePaper smart factory floor constantly proficient and fully alert for picking efficiency and quality assurance through every step of the way from production, storage, to transportation.


Application of E ink factory

At the e ink factory, the product numbers of one-off orders are registered by the back-end manager so that the electronic label automatically lights up displaying the quantity information required for each order, and the operator then organizes the products according to the electronic label instructions to complete the operation.

The digital picking system is one of the most commonly applied methods because operators can quickly react to instruction lighting with each label clearly recording and showing the name and quantity to be correctly selected.


Advantages of ePaper in the ePaper industrial automation and manufacturing plant

epaper industrial automationA good ePaper warehouse management and storage operation procedure can effectively reduce the production cost while making full use of the warehouse resources and materials, for services of improved quality. The following descriptions will give us a glimpse of how the ePaper smart factory refines logistics through the demonstration of actual applications in addition to just the name and quantity for the picking.


ePaper industrial automation Advantages 1: Reducing production costs

Powered by tiny long-life batteries, the ePaper technology also serves as an auxiliary energy saving system for inventory update and product information along the order picking operation in the ePaper warehouse. The flow of information is controlled without wiring from the central back-end server to the select paperless display, which runs on extremely low power consumption only when the display is switching between images.


ePaper industrial automation Advantages 2: Data changing and updating

Furthermore, ePaper factory individual operators are organized into different work zones with orders passing through more than one zone, so pick to light can help to minimize unnecessary walking in the warehouse, and operation in assembly-line fashion can help complete each order in less time required.

Longer life batteries aside, this long lasting ePaper is much more reusable than regular paper used in traditional labeling, making ePaper smart factory the most exemplary representation of both cost and environment friendly system. 


ePaper industrial automation Advantages 2: Equipment information gaining

The production information of machinery and equipment, or the production conditions of product lines, shall be subject to periodic updates so that ePaper factory operators can stay in control of the latest workflow. Kanban board, for instance, is a streamline framework that implements real time communication and management tools to help operators visualize work and orchestrate development to achieve maximum efficiency.


Application for ePaper warehouse

ePaper warehouse Application 1: ePaper factory logistics labeling

The tracking device of ePaper Industry 4.0 commands a high traceability of up to 99% of the shipping information, and the real time logistics processing capability allows sudden and instantaneous change of delivery routes to be accurately planned. QR-code prompts can also be found at each station for posting control, and owing to the integration of NFCs or RFIDs, ePaper industrial automation of warehousing can be achieved with a high degree of both human and bot recognizability. 


ePaper warehouse Application 2:ePaper smart warehouse management labeling

Developed through the use of advanced electronic and communication technology, pick to light system is a logistics auxiliary operation system usually deployed across the ePaper factory floor for  the sorting and picking of goods in modern logistics centers, featuring paperless & standardized operation of faster speed, higher efficiency, and lower error rate. 

Serving as a timely out-of-stock reminder and an advanced replacement for the traditional distribution list, the electronic label-assisted picking system can be even more helpful working in conjunction with a warehouse management system (WMS) or other logistics management softwares. Pick to light sends distribution instructions to the displays on electronic labels or shelves according to which the operator needs simply to perform read-and-follow operation. Gone is the tedious work of distribution along with unnecessary human errors.


ePaper warehouse Application 3: Smart packaging

With a simple click on the built-in refresh button, the whole ePaper smart factory can update shipping information and still accomplish both packaging reuse and waste reduction on the e-paper. Long-lasting images never cease to surprise when the information they carry refuses to die out even when the battery is completely exhausted.


How Pervasive Display Inc. completes ePaper industrial automation

Who is Pervasive Displays

Pervasive Displays is the leader in e-paper displays for IoT applications, it designs, manufactures and markets e-paper displays that deliver high resolution, ultra-thin form factor, sunlight readability and ultra-low power consumption. Pervasive Displays provides suitable solutions for businesses which hope to accelerate production.


Real Time Location System (RTLS)

Real Time Location System (RTLS) is a unique indoor positioning system that adds geolocation into information solutions to maximize the accuracy of ePaper warehouse stock and inventory. This cocktail of hardware and software that work in unison to create a mesh network capable of overseeing the movement of RFID tags within a specific location. This wireless network is created to improve the efficiency of picking and the safety of the forklift in operation by placing anchors (active RFID readers) at key points throughout and surrounding a facility.


Types of products offered by Pervasive Display Inc.

The types of electronic paper that most factories use basically range from medium to large sizes (4.2″, 7.4″, 9.7″, and 12″). They are presented as work orders, material information, production conditions, material guidelines, etc., and use wireless transmission for real time updates and replacements.

 In addition, the label tagging the product shipped through the station usually comes in small sizes such as 2.13″, 2.66″, 2.7″, and 3.7″. Using non-battery Near Field Communication, the label screen is updated, refreshing product and station information and Barcode / QR-code, etc.


Under the development of industry, epaper industry 4.0 can be a goal that doesn’t just exist in the future, but a trend that should be acquired by every smart factory. To understand more about the products of Pervasive Displays, click the link below.