EPD Hardware

  • Do you provide customization for epaper display?
    Yes, we are E-ink e-paper display (EPD) design house and manufacturer have assisted countless of our customers on developing custom EPD with different needs, ranging from TFT substrate, E ink imaging film (FPL), flexible cable (FPC), e-paper display module dimensions and driving e-paper waveform. Please contact us for more details.
  • Does EPD come with backlight? How can I make e-paper screen readable in the dark?
    While E-ink e-paper display (EPD) is a full reflective structure that comes without backlight, customers always have the option to laminate a front light guide plate on top of the E-ink screen through many different vendors, allowing LED to emit the light and make your EPD hardware readable even in the dark.
  • What colors do you offer? Do you make four or full colors on e-paper display?
    Currently, E-ink e-paper displays (EPDs) with black/white and black/white/red colors are the two relatively mature products on the market, allowing a more economic e-paper display price for our users. Yet, we value different needs and are continuing to develop products with more colors; please keep an eye on our website for latest updates.
  • EPD Others

  • Does three-colored e-paper display screen support fast/partial update?
    The three-colored EPD does support fast update but could oftentimes result in serious E-ink ghosting and a much slower update rate compared to a monochrome EPD as the red pixels refresh at a slower speed. We highly suggest you select a monochrome EPD for fast update implementation.
  • Does your E-ink e-paper display support direct sunlight readability?
    Our EPD (E-ink e-paper display) is designed for indoor or semi-outdoor environments. Placing an EPD under direct sunlight can lead to degraded image quality while refreshing the E-ink screen as the strong light could cause current leakage.
  • How fast do your EPDs refresh with global, fast and partial update?
    Generally, our monochrome EPDs take 2-3 seconds for a full refresh (Global update) while tricolor takes 10 more seconds. Fast and partial update takes more than 700 ms (our recommendation) for optimal performance between optics and speed.
  • What happens if my e-paper display module needs to be operated over the defined operation temperature range?
    Your e-paper display will still be able to function outside of the high and low operation temperature range, but you will not expect a comfortable image quality and issues like lower contrast ratio, E-ink ghosting, or blurred image could happen. Please be aware that if the EPD is placed outside of our storage temperature range, deformation and permanent damage could occur.
  • EPD Software

  • How do I get the source code of the driving waveform for Fast Update?
    The driving sample code for Fast Update is available upon request. Please contact us and describe your case in detail, including your
    1. product applications
    2. use cases
    3. refresh rate
    4. environmental conditions, and
    5. production schedule
  • Where can I get your driving sample code or development guide to work with your e-paper display modules?
    You can find the design information on our Wiki website and Github repositories.
  • EPD Technical

  • Can you recommend some substitutes for the N-channel MOSFET from your driving circuit?
    Here are some recommendations:  Please refer to our EPD driving schematic guide for more information.
  • How to drive the EPDs?
    Here are the detailed sequences for a full range of our EPDs. You can also find the application notes in each EPD’s module webpage. Our sample code on Github has implemented the driving sequences follows each application note.
  • If I have E-ink ghosting issues with my e-paper display, how can I resolve it?
    E-ink ghosting could happen when a fast/partial update was done without a proper driving process. Our fast update driving waveform embedded display (part number E2###PS0##) could help. Please follow instructions and insert a full white and black image to help fix the issue, or take a video to share with us for further review. Please also contact us and take video to show us your encountered ghosting phenomenon.
  • Our Services

  • How do your e-paper development kits work with e-paper screens?
    Our EXT3-1 kit supports working with a full range of EPD size models. The EPDK kit includes an all-in-one demonstration to showcase how the graphic library works. If you need interactive applications, our EXT3-Touch kit can help achieve the goal with touch EPD.
  • If I have issues with the e-paper screen and require technical support, what should I do?
    Please submit your problem to our technical support webform and describe your case in detail; including pictures and videos help accelerate our time to investigate and resolve your issues.
  • Product Applications

  • If I have an EPD project that needs some expertise, do you provide design service or consultation?
    Yes, we also provide design services for JDM, OEM, reference design, bundle kit or driving e-paper waveform for any  E-ink applications. Please contact us to describe your requirements.
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