E-paper Pico development kit

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EPD Pico Kit  (EPDK) is our new development kit consisting of EPD Extension board (EXT3), Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040) and 2.66 inch E ink Display with built-in Pervasive Displays Library Suite (PDLS) to provide you a powerful, rich and comprehensive key parts to kick-start your low power display devices for any interactive, visual experience, ultra-fast refresh and eco-friendly IoT (Internet of Things) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications.


  • Step by step easy to use by quick start guide and wiring from the pin mapping label
  • Online user guide and reference manual for exploring the rich graphic elements and unlimited possibility
  • Support the full range of our E ink displays
  • A variety of expansion options to meet your development needs and use cases

The Arduino compatible library is available at PDLS_EXT3_Basic

Model no. B3000MS043

The Arduino compatible library is available at PDLS_EXT3_Basic

The screen layout was made by Advanced and Commercial version of PDLS

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