E-paper touch display development kit (EXT3-Touch)

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The Touch Expansion Board for EXT3 (EXT3-Touch) opens a new dimension for EPDs. Instead of being passive, they can now act as input devices for any interactive interface, like Human Machine Interface (HMI) and thermostat. This is also a perfect configuration for ultra-low power IoT remote controls.

Note: this EXT3-Touch board needs to work with EXT3-1 board which is included in this kit.

Model no. B3000MS045

  • 3 ZIF connectors specifically placed for the 3.70″ (,2.71″ and future sizes) of  Touch EPDs made by Pervasive Displays
  • A 34-way flat cable (FFC) connects the EXT3-1 Touch board to the EXT3-1 board could be placed on top
  • Exposes 4 pins for the touch controller from your EVK
  • With this kit, there are cooper pillars, screws and nuts set to fix these two boards
  • Driver firmware is available for each EPD and touch controller as open-source license-free examples
  • The Pervasive Displays Library Suite (PDLS) fully supports this kit and brings a complete set of GUI elements

Find the detailed introduction of EXT3-Touch kit here.

Model no. B3000MS046

Note: the 3.70″ Touch EPD is excluded in this kit. You will need to order it from here.

EPDK-271-Touch (E-Paper Development Kit with 2.71″ Touch EPD), a full interactive development kit, $39

Contact us to order this kit

  • The 2.71″ Touch EPD is a sample product for proof of concept only to help evaluate your creation and demonstrate the feasibility. The amount output is limited until it’s sold out.
  • As soon as you decide to kick-off your design with this 2.71″ Touch EPD, you have to contact us for a new tailor-made module size and its specification

Purchasing information

  1. B3000MS045: EXT3-Touch kit only (without EPD): Digi-Key or Mouser
  2. B3000MS046: EXT3-Touch with 3.7″ Touch EPD: Digi-Key or Mouser 

EXT3-Touch with 2.7″ Touch EPD is now in promotion. Find the tab above.