How can E Ink display be used in the smart office?

2 Jun 2023

The advancement of technology and internet, along with the emergence of the Hybrid Office trend in the post-pandemic era, have made it increasingly essential for businesses to enhance office flexibility, automation, communication, and collaboration. As a result, many industries are adopting smart office solutions that utilize epaper display technology to replace traditional paper labels. Electronic paper not only reduces energy consumption but also enables real-time information updates, enhancing office efficiency. 

What is a Smart Office? 

A growing market of smart office

  • Smart Office is based on IoT Office, applying technology and IoT techniques to improve office efficiency and comfort. 
  • Advantages: more energy efficient, more comfortable working environment, better use of space, more advanced office design, and increased value of corporate data and data usage. 
  • According to “Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021-2030,” the global smart office market will reach US $31.37 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach US $90.63 billion by 2030.

E-ink applications in smart office

IoT can connect all devices in the office with the internet or its proprietary network protocol, such as smart lights, smart thermostat, smart conference rooms, smart desks, and e ink display can be used in all office facilities that require label paper or electronic screen displays. Through combining epaper with the content internet management system, enterprises can manage different kinds of office facilities and display information on the electronic paper in real time. Employees can also reserve office facilities through cell phones, tablets, and computers, and be informed of the usage status in real time, enhancing smart office efficiency and the convenience of information delivery. 

Meeting room Epaper Display

  • The conference room epaper display is a cable-free and energy-efficient device that is user-friendly and easy to install. When paired with a meeting room management system, it can display real-time meeting agendas, improve online office booking convenience for employees, and record the usage status of meeting rooms and other facilities. This allows companies to track and comprehend the smart office working pattern of the office.

Shared Epaper Desk Signs (Workspace Management)

  • With the popularity of shared office space and mobile desks, it is increasingly important for desks to be smartly connected, making the use of smart office space more convenient and efficient through the integration of electronic products and network connectivity technologies. 
  • How to use the open desk/hot desk sign for shared desks?
    Each shared desk is equipped with an electronic paper displaying the desk number, QR code, and real-time usage status. Employees can select a desk that is not yet in use, scan the QR code with their cell phone to register for use, and simply move their belongings to the desk to work.

Smart Card Visitor or Employee Badge with Epaper Display

  • Traditionally, it is not environmentally friendly and efficient to photocopy documents on paper for each customer visit, but with e ink applications, customers can customize the contents of documents by operating the machine themselves, which is fast, convenient and environmentally friendly. 
  • Features: you can take photos right at the reception and have them displayed, record the time visitors leave, save visitor information, and reuse the epaper badge afterwards.  

Benefits of using e-paper to create a smart office

Real time update on e ink display: Improving collaboration and communication efficiency 

Through the combination of hardware and software, online reservations can be updated and displayed on electronic paper in real time, allowing employees and business owners to access the most accurate and up-to-date office usage, saving administrative costs, reducing information delays, and facilitating smart office communication and information delivery.  

Green technology electronic paper: energy efficient and cost saving

  • Electronic paper is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional paper labels as it is reusable and reduces waste. It is also cost-effective for businesses as it eliminates the need to constantly replace paper labels. 
  • E ink displays do not emit light, unlike other display technologies. It only consumes power when changing displays, making it an ideal choice for battery-powered devices. 
  • E ink applications have a long battery life due to their low power consumption. This means that electronic paper devices can operate for extended periods without the need for frequency battery replacements. 

Flexible installation: easy connection to any displays without cables

Wireless electronic devices like epaper displays offer advantages such as reducing the need for cable design and saving space, making installation easier, and providing a flexible display solution without the need for additional power or network cables. 

Pervasive Displays Inc. products for your smart office setup

Pervasive Displays’ electronic paper products and services

  • Variety of electronic paper product options: Customers have a variety of product options to choose from with different color choices, including single color, three colors (black, white, and red), and four colors (black, white, yellow, and red), as well as various sizes. 
  • Customization: Pervasive Displays offers epaper product customization based on customer’s size and color requirements to meet their specific needs. 
  • Pervasive Displays provides a range of electronic paper product models that are suitable for various smart office applications. Specifically, the 3.7″ and 2.71 products are designed for use with identification cards, while the 4.2″ products are intended for workspace management . Additionally, the 7.4 products are well-suited for use as meeting room e-paper displays.

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