NFC epaper recommendation: product information and NFC epaper knowledge you shouldn’t miss

17 Aug 2022

Near-field communication (NFC), also called short distance wireless communication, is a short distance high-frequency communication technology that allows contactless data transmission between devices. Among all the NFC epaper products, do you know how to find the best ones? Through this article, we will introduce a few NFC epaper products. Also you will be learning what NFC epaper is and how it helps businesses transition from traditional methodology to up-to-date smart technologies.

NFC ePaper Display Solutions: Top Product Recommendations

2.66”, 2.71” and 3.7” NFC epaper

These models are commonly used as guest passes for visitor management systems. They can also be used on electronic shelf labels, smart tags, reusable transit items, 1D/2D barcode carriers, just to name a few.

4.2” and 7.4” NFC epape

These types of epaper displays are mainly used for production management and industrial automation; some common applications include kanban, navigation, signage, and user manual.

EXT3-1 development kit

This EXT3-1 development kit comes with a epaper display driving circuit on board, making it easy for developers, engineers, or makers to utilize and create the NFC applications mentioned above with any evaluation board (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, etc) or development board with NFC technology from semiconductors.

ePaper Display Solutions: Exploring 3 Types of NFC ePaper Operating Modes

The following are three basic operating modes of epaper display NFC and each of their applications:

NFC epaper operating mode type 1: Card emulation mode

Card emulation mode allows NFC-enabled devices to function as an IC card with RFID technology, replacing many of the traditional IC cards currently used with a single device. The most commonly seen examples include credit card, debit card, IPASS, entry access control, tickets, etc.

NFC epaper operating mode type 2: Reader/Writer mode

Under reader/writer mode, the NFC-enabled device works as a contactless reader/writer for NFC tags. Common applications include reading data from smart posters or bulletin boards with electronic tags, just to name a few.

NFC epaper operating mode type 3: P2P mode

Peer to peer mode works similar to infrared technology but allows data transmission within a shorter distance and higher speed with lower energy consumption. This mode is often used in music download, image sharing, device synchronization, etc.

Applications of NFC epaper: visitor management system with epaper display solutions

After learning about the basic operation modes of epaper display NFC and their applications, the following paragraph will provide an analysis of the obstacles traditional visitor management systems are facing, and how businesses can improve by replacing visitor passes with NFC epaper. In addition, you’ll be able to understand the significant role NFC epaper plays and the benefits it could bring for your business.

Pain Points of traditional visitor pass

The traditional way of taking down visitors’ registrations and giving out physical passes might seem easy and straight-forward, but it can also cause many issues for the company. One of the most common problems is the inconvenience caused to the visitors by having them go through various procedures, many times including, waiting in line, signing in at the front desk, just to name a few. Keeping track on visitors’ information with all the hard copies is another challenge companies have to face, not to mention hand written information is oftentimes hard to distinguish and lacks accuracy.

Advantages using NFC epaper

Management systems with NFC epaper display solutions offer guests seamless experiences while showcasing the company’s appreciation for attention to detail. NFC epaper enables updating visitor badge information from anywhere, making the badges reusable as data can be overwritten by another NFC-enabled device in reader/writer mode. These epaper display solutions digitize visitor information, facilitating data management for companies. Notably, NFC epaper badges operate without external energy supply, displaying data without consumption. They are powered by the electromagnetic field of other active devices (NFC readers/writers) when information is being read or written.

NFC epaper applications

So how exactly can NFC epaper display solutions be utilized in a visitor management system? Such epaper display solutions companies are able to customize and display information on the badges such as visitors’ affiliated organizations, images, or even Wi-fi passwords, upscaling the practicability of those passes. NFC epaper technology will allow companies to track and control visitors’ access to provide better security and safety.

Applications of NFC epaper: Production management digitization with epaper display solutions

The majority of the traditional manufacturing industry still highly relies on paper works; however, it could many times lead to lower efficiency and incur unnecessary costs. The following paragraph will provide an analysis of how to realize paperless manufacturing and optimize capacity using NFC epaper solutions.

Pain points of traditional manufacturing process

A survey reveals growing executive concerns regarding traditional paper-based manufacturing systems, despite over half of companies continuing to use spreadsheets and paper. Hidden costs pose significant challenges, with companies spending up to 3% of revenue on paper alone, not accounting for labor expenses.

AIOI Smart CardsAdvantages using Epaper display solutions

NFC epaper display solutions provide a centralized content management system, optimizing production efficiency. As environmental concerns gain prominence, companies seek alternatives to paper usage. Epaper displays solutions with wireless radio capabilities emerge as ideal replacements, fostering environmentally friendly work environments.

ePaper Display Solutions: Diverse Applications of NFC ePaper

NFC epaper can bring more benefits than one can imagine; not only can the nature of its low energy consumption help cut down costs for companies, it can also reduce man-made mistakes and boost accuracy. In addition, epaper NFC application on machine automation makes it easier for employees to monitor and make alterations during production, improving efficiency and saving workers time for more important tasks without scanning or typing the number or information from items.


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