EPD Pico Kit
By supplying a renowned online retailer among hobbyists and engineers, Pervasive Displays makes e-paper technology available to everyone. Customers at Digi-Key and Mouser can purchase the kit to get a first introduction to the e-paper displays (EPD), evaluate that technology and design your next project.
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The number one e-paper display provider for industrial applications
Pervasive Displays designs, manufactures and markets epaper displays for applications requiring high resolution, good readability and low power consumption focuses on commercial and industrial applications which is also the world leading vendor with most experienced in E Ink epaper technology.
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Trusted by global partners

The world 1st
industrial EPD module design house
1 st
The World No.1
EPD module manufacturer for ESL
NO. 1
EPD design experience
14 + years
manufacturing capacity per week
1 million+
EPD long term commitment
10 + years


What’s new in Epaper display industry?
Why Pervasive?

Beyond retail, smart home, industry automation and logistics, the applications of e-paper for the IoT are vast and exceeds our imagination from its bi-stable low power feature.

We are the world 1st produced and shipped over hundred million pieces of e-paper displays for electronic shelf labels (ESL) and industrial markets since 2011 focusing on design and manufacturing of ultra-low power display providing proprietary technologies (key components, driving waveform…), tailor-made service, open design and technical field support to ensure the best quality and reliability.

Advanced E-paper Technical Support

E-Paper display customized design

Driving waveform & high-level library

E-Paper technical field support

Quality assurance & reliability

E-paper Display Successful Applications

IoT devices and Retail / ESL

Healthcare & Medical

Industrial Automation

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