4.37″ E ink Display – Aurora Mb (V231)

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Outline(mm)(HxVxT) 115.86 x 46.6 x 1.0
Active Area (mm) 104.16 x 38.192
Resolution (pixel) 480 x 176
Pixel Pitch 0.217 x 0.217
Pixel Density 117dpi

The different types of E ink imaging film

E ink film typeAliasColorsOperating
Aurora MbV231black, white
0°C to +50°C-20°C to +60°COur most subscribed display platform.
Suitable for most indoor operating conditions.
Support partial updates.
Aurora -25V430black, white
-25°C to +30°C-25°C to +60°CSuitable for freezing operating conditions.
Spectra RedR2.0black, white, red
0°C to +40°C-20°C to +60°C3-colors pigments inside.
Taking longer time to complete a refresh.

Driver comparison of iTC and eTC

Driver type
iTC (internal timing controller)
eTC (external timing controller)
EPD with host board
EPD with host board
Waveform location
iTC waveform
eTC waveform
Driving waveformEmbedded in driver IC (CoG)Controlled by MCU
Customization / Design flexibility
Design-in effortEasierNormal
Power consumptionNormalLower

  • The driving waveforms (LUTs, lookup tables) have been pre-programmed in the driver IC. Developers just need to send image data and update command to complete the screen refresh.

  • If developers need special support to change the waveforms, extra LUTs can be sent externally.

  • Following our driving guide, developers can fully control the driving flow and stage from the MCU.

  • Developers need to send converted image data at each specific stage.

Technical Details/Specs

Model Name E2437CS082, E2437CS0C1
Driver IC iTC
Product Specification 4.37” TFT EPD Panel (E2437CS082) (pdf - 193.36Kb)
Development Kits EPD Extension Kit Gen 3 (EXT3)
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